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Suddenly cyborgs are bad? I thought the right loved Robocop!

The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory

People ask me why I don't like this show when I'm a nerd/geek myself.

This is only part of the problem.


I set up an anonymous account on #gab to see its contents with my own eyes. Well, it's not pretty and I don't recommend doing the same out of curiosity, it's not good use of your time. Some bridges shouldn't be built for everyone to cross.

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It's my birthday, give me boosts and donate to Northwest Arkansas Equality. It is a group that provides free HIV testing and various support groups for members of the LGBTQ+ community in an underserved area.

Purism Librem 5 

Anti-Trans Spinster Co-Founder on #Isolate Gab organizing succeeding 

**Why they’re scared of Greta Thunberg: Right-wingers can’t deny this climate activist’s truth. In desperation, they’re resorting to malice, bigotry and lies**

"Modern-day conservatism, especially the Republican Party, functions primarily as a protection racket for the fragil…"

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Domain Blocks: Gab Friendlies 

OK they already said they have very few mail donations, and notice how the #Gab founder uses percentages, not dollars here to hide how small it is.

So they are running on fumes from VPN sales ad referrals, and the few bitcoin donations they can pull in.

If you #IsolateGab, into a shrinking expensive silo, it eventually eats itself.

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