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Did any other Keybase users get this drop of free Lumens? They're telling me to tell my friends so this is that, but it's just making Keybase seem a bit scammy: going from cool technology to gifter of free fairy money. Makes me less sure about it. Am I looking a gift horse in the mouth?

@Augur @jimpjorps Federation is not a right. Each instance and community can by design have freedom of association as to what they wish to enable or be associated with in terms of Federation.

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@isolategab Someone remind me how well milo is doing without his twitter and facebook platforms and then tell me with a straight face that deplatforming doesn't work

Got some new pins during Pax West.
I like switching them out on my hat.
Todays pin.

"Bill Burr Wants to Remind You His Words Have No Power"

Gee that sounds like someone prepping for backlash to his new special. Skimming the article I see him calling people who think comics punching down are not great "chicken little."

Yeah I think I'll skip it

@mlubert @PixelMonsterBot I didn't put any rights anywhere on them but they're intended to be CC or similar, so feel free to do whatever you want with them!

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How to be a flaming douche waffle

✅ Packed Train
✅ Rush Hour
✅ Taking up 2 or more seats
✅ becoming hostile and borderline violent when someone asks to sit and doesn't take "this seat is for my bag" as an excuse

Douche waffle score: 100%

haha stupid fediverse users, rich people need to be rich so that they can be rich. it's how the world works.

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Someone made a version of ‘Civilization’ that runs in Microsoft Excel

Do you pine for the classic strategy games of the past? For a time when gameplay was more important than graphics? Are you looking to reproduce the Amiga experience at work, where your company blocks access to everything except Microsoft Office? Then we have good news for you: An enterprising soul has created a version of Civilization which runs in Microsoft Excel.

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