The world's largest occult library now has a public online archive.

Well, there goes some more years down the book hole...


@bill @lilithsaintcrow@raggedfeathers.com

As far as letting people you know borrow books, my rule is the same as Adama (youtube.com/watch?v=b00f45PNTz)

And those are both great apps. Many libraries will also give you free copies of eBooks, which I'm sure she'd call a crime.

I have no sympathy for those who steal things, in any format, but to assume that my statement, that studies show that digital piracy is in no way equivalent to lost sales is a tacit endorsement of piracy, shows an eagerness to play the victim.

@uther @alex Nobody knows if Wheaton was behind the report or not, but the person who was banned was NOT in violation of any rules, so regardless it was a moderator or admin overstepping, and nothing changed on Mastodon.social as well, which lead to many of us (rightly) saying that Eugen was putting the Fediverse on track to become Twitter 2.0 and he shouldn't be in charge or affiliated with any large instance.

@uther @alex and everyone assumed it was Wheaton using his celebrity to silence the person (I believe they were trans or non-binary, which amplified it). He said nothing and his instance got SWARMED with reports on his account and they banned him. Rather than make his own instance or got to Mastodon.social (the ones who blocked the individual) he went to his blog and complained about being asked to take responsibility for his actions and words (or lack thereof). He's since only been on Tumblr.

@uther @alex So the allegations of abuse and possible rape came out against Chris Hardwick, and Wil Wheaton asked for a few days on Twitter to "think about the situation." Months passed and he pretended nothing happened, even as his friends sided with the victim. When he came to Masto to boycott Twitter, someone made a joke "I think it was Bofa" and about how he is implicitly supporting an abuser by not speaking out and even admitting it happened. The person making that comment got suspended...

@alex He even briefly went back to Twitter after making a giant show of quitting, then left again after the same people asking him to take accountability and either speak out in defense or against CH (the same thing that happened here). He went back to Tumblr, where he can delete the questions he doesn't like and dissenting opinions and ratios aren't easily discoverable.

@laser It's a religion based around the idea that a sound can be perfect, and when you hear it you die from orgasms.

And these people will absolutely buy whatever crap you come up with that you can convince them will help with this goal.

Audiophiles are by definition people that want to fuck sounds

Especially when there are actual people who's art is actually suppressed. People who don't get publisher deals because they aren't straight white women writing fantasy romance novels by the dozens. People who fight to have their art exist and use it to actually say something.

But yeah, complain because people download your Vampire Detective ebooks.

"My work wasn't popular enough to live off of, so rather than accept that and move on, I'll blame everyone else for not supporting my art"

@lilithsaintcrow You're going to die on the "Every theft would 100% have bought my book so I can blame them for not being popular"

Nothing DESERVES popularity, and complaining that theft is the reason you're not popular is nonsense.

Andy Wier gave away The Martian for free for years on his website. When asked to collate it into an eBook, he did and charged a small fee. It became a best seller and later a movie.

But sure, insta block me and call me a man-splainer to protect your feelings.

PDP, Racism 

its important for everyone to know that service-dogs-in-training get their own special theater productions, where they practice sitting politely while the actors on stage perform an entire show for them

@Jo This. You phone would die from radiation before it even got to half way to the the moon.

"Your phone is more powerful than the computers that put men on the moon."

Yeah, but the computers that put them there were bespoke, designed for a specific task, and the software was written by people who knew what the fuck they were doing, with that specific hardware in mind.

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